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Geoff is an extremely competent public speaker with worldwide experience at international literary festivals, universities and a range of other institutions. He is available for:

  • Conferences

  • Breakfasts

  • After Dinner Engagements

  • Corporate Boardrooms

  • Legal Offices

  • Staff Development Workshops

  • Motivational Talks

  • Men's Issues

Geoff Goodfellow writes to the detail of his recent experiences. Of work and workers, of fathers and sons, of mothers and daughters, of unemployment and the unemployed, of families and personal strife. He writes of the ordinary and sometimes extraordinary struggle of working-class Australians and he does it in their language. Be assured he can be hilarious yet disturbing . . . familiar yet affronting . . . heart-warming yet in-your-face. He's likely to serve up words that will make you laugh, cry and ask for more.

A Goodfellow performance provides audiences with a journey into our own world . . . but thrust into focus through the Goodfellow lens . . . shot through poetry and stories of the life and lives of the poet and the people he has known.

Goodfellow knows the people he writes about. He knows the magistrate and the mongrel, the beautiful and the battered, the dragon and the slayer, the loonies, the lefties and the lost . . . and many more. And when he performs them, he lives them. His voice is as unrelenting as his poetry and his performances are always engaging and generous.

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